What’s in the report? 

What do customers need and expect in today’s environment? 

The insights in this study will likely substantiate some of your existing beliefs about customer experience, but also illuminate a changing CX environment, brought on by the growth of new communication channels and business models.

t’s probably not news to hear that old adages like “don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep” remain substantiated by customer data, but you may be surprised at how quickly customers expect to be contacted after they’ve provided feedback. Or the portion of customers that wouldn’t blink an eye at the notion of working entirely with robot service agents (as long as the service met their expectations).

Potential robot-populated future aside, there’s no question that technology and customer expectations are evolving together. So, as described in the insights in this study, here are ways that you can use technology to your advantage and ensure that your customer experience isn’t lagging behind the competition. 

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How fast customers expect a response

This is one of the 10 key findings in this report

Asia-Pacific region's changing CX environment report:
10 illuminating customer experience insights from a multi-country study

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