Mr. Tang Kim Yee

Director of Technology and Architecture Office, Singtel’s Group Enterprise.

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Edward J. Hansen

Partner, Morgan Lewis

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Director GBS, DellEMC

Tilak Banerjee

Mark Davison

Partner - Robotics Process Automation

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Jay Flanagan

Strategy & Transformation, Global Services DellEMC

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Frank Kelly

Director – Digital Transformation, DellEMC

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Dr. Mary C. Lacity

Curators’ Distinguished Professor at University of Missouri-St. Louis and Visiting Scholar at MIT CISR.

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Simen Munter

COO, Nordea

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Last year we brought together a group of people that have devoted their time and energy to o digital marketing.



We will post the agenda in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

Attendees at CX APAC Online 2019 will gain exclusive first hand access to carefully curated content - presentations from pioneering CX thought leaders from cross-industry. Gain expert insights into the most innovative customer experience projects from across the APAC region. 

Update yourself on the latest industry intelligence on key topics including:

  • Emerging Technologies Impacting and Enhancing CX
  • Change-Managing CX during Digital Transformation
  • Voice-of-the-Customer
  • Re-inventing your Brand to Reflect Evolving Consumer Expectations
  • Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience in a Modern Gig Economy
  • Delivering a Seamless and Competitive Omni-Channel Customer Experience
  • Using Big Data to Model Customer Loyalty and Create Actionable Insights

Through a combination of cutting edge sessions, in-depth panels and downloadable podcasts, wherever you are in the
CX journey our Digital Summit will provide the tools to exponentially improve your CX offering.

Don’t miss out and book your place now!

Day 2 - Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Improving Customer Services Management and Reporting with Customer Experience Technology 

Transforming CX to Engage Customers in Social and Digital Channels of Choice


Speaker: Jason Bradshaw, Chief Customer Officer, Volkswagen Group Australia


Delivering Consistency and Change Managing CX During Digital Transformation

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Yes. the sessions will be recorded and available for free for a limited time.

25 - 27 March 2019

12pm - 15pm SGT

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APAC’s online CX conference, bringing you global customer experts direct to your desk 

  • Chatbots and AI: Discover the Emerging Technologies Impacting the Customer Journey
  • Change Managing CX during Digital Transformation
  • Using Voice of Customer and Data to Inform CX Design and Improve your Offering 
  • Corporate Responsibility and Drive for Purpose: Reinventing your Brand to Reflect Evolving Consumer Expectations
  • Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience in a Modern Gig Economy 
  • Transforming CX to Engage Customers in Social and Digital Channels of Choice
  • Creating a Culture of Customer Advocacy: Linking Employee Experience to Customer Experience

Access to cutting edge content and world class speakers from the comfort of your desk
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Opportunity to meet cutting edge technology providers
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Day 1 - Monday, 25 March 2019

Chatbots and AI: Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Impact the Customer Journey


Winning at Customer Engagement Management: Providing a Holistic Customer Experience Proposition




The Science of Genuinely Understanding Customer Experiences and How We Can Improve Them



Agenda subject to change. All times listed below SGT

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  • What does Customer Experience (CX) look like today in its current state and how are businesses and consumers thinking about CX? 
  • Implementing chat-bots, ensuring CX remains consistent during change and how to manage a bot/human team 
  • Enabling CX with tools that demonstrates customer time and attention is valued 
  • How emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing CX for the better 
  • AI & machine learning: the role of artificial intelligence in the future of customer experience 
  • Using data effectively to create actionable insights and how to measure the impact of your actions
  • Using a real-time data-driven personalised CX technology platform across the customer lifecycle 
  • Acquiring, onboarding, engaging, retaining and renewing account and policy holders 
  • Reducing customer communication costs and call centre traffic 
  • Listening, learning and acting on customer feedback with our crowdsourcing CX tool 
  • How we are gaining a deeper understanding of the customer experience.
  • Mapping how the organisation stacks up against competitors 
  • Capturing the right data to make a difference that’s meaningful to customers 

Speaker: Matt Butler, Senior Channel Development Manager, ANZ

  • How to make the customer experience even better at each stage of the journey 
  • Breaking down product component and support silos and driving improved sharing capabilities 
  • Beyond the marketing: bringing a unified, 360-degree experience to a business 
  • Embarking on a deliberate channels evolutions strategy to better engage with customers 
  • How to ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels 
  • Why front-end collaboration with cross-functional business partners across the organisation is crucial 

Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience in a Modern Gig Economy: Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will discuss critical questions for organisation’s in operating in todays “gig economy.” 

  • Can companies achieve sufficient return on their investment (ROI) on customer experience, while employees are not committed to the firm, or at least not to the same extent as traditionally? 
  • How can employees who wish to be free and ‘fly’ from one job to another act as brand ambassadors and in accordance with customer experience initiatives? 
  • How do you select the right contractor/partner with the right values? 
  • How trustworthy are employees when the firm has less control over them
  • How can employees personalise the service to customers when they do not know customers and their personal preferences because there is not a long-term relationship? 
  • In service business, where to a great extent differentiation comes from employees’ performance, can employees who may work for several firms at the same time differentiate the brand in customers’ (and their own) minds
  • Can service firms replace these employees with technology-driven methods of service delivery (such as smart connected products, robots or drones), while customers prefer to have more personal interaction? 

Day 3 - Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Delivering a Seamless and Competitive Omni-Channel Customer Experience

  • How Moving to a New CMS platform has Enhanced CX in our Business
    Resourcing for cross-border customer service 
  • Delivering a seamless customer experience whilst departing from previous concepts of channel separation 
  • How we have bolstered the capabilities of our warehouse-based customer operations team 

Presenter:  Paul Waddy, Head of Operations, Showpo

“E-commerce Business of the Year 2018” Online Retail Industry Awards;
“E-commerce winner 2018, NSW Exporter of the Year,” Premier’s NSW Export Awards


Using Big Data to Model Customer Loyalty and Create Actionable Insights

  • How big data analytics was used to build a club program 
  • why big data is driving higher sales and better customer goodwill 
  • Transforming anonymous transactional data into key customer insights


Creepy but Good: delivering what they didn’t know they loved before they even knew they wanted it

We assume because AI is involved that OTT content delivery will be smart – but it is not...yet. This session will explore how the type of data used in algorithms can create a great customer experience or not. Using peripheral behavioural data rather than just preferences customers have specified is unlocking amazing opportunities to create next level customer experiences and how these experiences are not just a win for customers but for media business as well.

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  • Our strategy for customer-centric transformation:  how we survived disruption by successfully leveraging platform, insights and team
  • Focusing on essential factors for successful CX transformation: identifying and discussing crucial ingredients
  • Planning and implementing digital by design, insights-led actions and the vital role of culture in making an organisational change
  • Deploying a new platform to deliver CX operational capability to match rapid business growth

Creating a Culture of Customer Advocacy: Linking Employee Experience to Customer Experience

  • Linking data to both marketing intelligence and consumer emotion
  • Crucial steps to become better at delivering great customer experiences 
  • How organisations develop successful CX programs that build trust
  • Connecting with consumers and tapping data insight for success

Our 2019 Speakers

Headlined by leading VP-level customer contact executives, CX APAC Online features a combination of keynotes, interactive roundtables, fireside chats and demos. All sessions are backed by research and case studies. 

Paul Waddy
Head of Operations  

Nicole McInnes
Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Butler
Senior Chanel Development Manager

James Walford 
Strategic Director – Digital & Innovation


Jason Bradshaw 
Chief Customer Officer 
Volkswagen Australia 

Speaker:  James Walford, Strategic Director – Digital & Innovation, GENESYS 

Presenter:  Nicole McInnes, Chief Marketing Officer, OVO

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